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FRESH FACES BY FRANCES || Custom Branding Package

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WEB DESIGN: Web design focused on a clean modern approach that would showcase Frances' online shopping experience as well as her skin care services. This format allowed for ease of use and a beautiful responsive theme for mobile reading. Learn more about RESPONSIVE themes here. 

LOGO: After multiple discussions, the first objective was to design a logo that would work on multiple product lines as the primary label/logo.

BADGE: It's important to design a "badge" that matches the style of the logo for your social media branding, which often requires specific dimension requirements.

BUSINESS CARD DESIGN: Continuing with the same typography and color pallet, the business cards showcase the client's logo featuring the clean modern style.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Many of our clients are just too busy to focus on designing social media banners that match the rest of their branding. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram are powerful advertising platforms that reach a HUGE audience.  We encourage our clients to learn how to utilize social media. With a background in advertising and social media/communication management, our team is able to guide you through the value of utilizing Social Media. It's crucial your presence on these platforms matches your entire branding identity.

ONLINE SHOP/BOUTIQUE: Frances offers exceptional industry leading skin care products from her boutique and now, thanks to a brand new website featuring an online shopping experience, clients have access to her products with a simple, easy to use online shop.

Its difficult to put in words how pleased I am with Heidi and Jonnathan of Wight House Creative and the fantastic work they have accomplished in building the website for Fresh Faces by Frances. As an esthetician , working in the beauty business, I am particularly concerned with how things should look! Heidi and Jonnathan have combined beauty , information and function in what I regard as a masterpiece of a website! My website building journey did not have a favorable beginning. I should have listened to my daughter; she suggested Wight House Creative as an option and I mistakenly choose another company. Should I have listened I would have saved a lot of time , money and even my sanity. The clean, strong, gender neutral logo and theme really are pleasing and inviting to visitors on the site and as my product brand. Don’t hesitate to hire Heidi and Jonnathan. They are not only competent and honest, but they simply know their stuff.
— Sincerely, Frances