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What is the aesthetic goal of your website? Do you have example websites you have been eyeing that seem to fit what you're going for? Do you have a Pinterest Board of concepts you want to share? Clean and minimal? Creative and uniquely artistic? Etc. Give us as many details as you can about what you hope your website design to look like. If you aren't sure, don't worry we are here to guide you through this process. After our initial consultation we usually have a very clear direction for what we need to do for your design.
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We design all of our sites with the intent to provide our client with a user-friendly experience. We offer training for how to use your site if you wish. However, some clients have no desire to be involved with the backend of their website. Please let us know your preference for your involvement.
I prefer Wight House Creative to manage all my website needs, including content updates and site maintenance.
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Specific Launch Date Request?
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