Husband and wife duo, Jonnathan and Heidi, began in 2006, designing for creatives in the Pacific Northwest as a boutique branding business incorporating the blend of the city culture and style with the personable nature of country life in Idaho. For over a decade, their growth in visual communications has evolved to become a much sought after art and skill set. Also the savvy business owners of Ira + Lucy and Wight House Consulting, Jonnathan and Heidi have built a strong reputation, recognized for their integrity, passion, and discerning style and creativity. You can find them consulting clients on how to build their businesses, relaxing at their favorite coffee shops, planning Idaho’s most prestigious weddings and events, and most importantly, spending time with their children, Jagger and Sloane.

If you can’t figure out your purpose,
find out your passion.
For your passion will lead you
right into your purpose.
— T.D. Jakes
Jonnathan and Heidi
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It's what keeps us "ticking". Design is all around us and we can't get enough of it. It's in movement and texture and spaces that we all find ourselves in, we just happen to be constantly paying attention to it and certainly always searching for it. No, we promise we aren't totally off-the-wall "artists", but do believe we are a team that has a lot to offer! What makes us different than our competitors - US! We are excited about the process and application of using design to convey a message. We want to help you navigate searching and discovering your own branding message. Let's make it remarkable!

How do we keep our designer selves "ticking" best? Travel. Adventure. Music. Culture. Culinary. Family. Friends. Literature. Fitness. Vulnerability.


Relationships are what it's all about. We are a pretty open book about our lives and here's why. With a handful of life experiences with careers in advertising, communications, event design, sales... what we both found, is that we ultimately weren't concerned with rubbing elbows with "the right people", climbing the ladder or spending the majority of our time working on jobs we weren't passionate about or making a significant difference in peoples lives. Instead, we found a fire for helping small business owners who found themselves bewildered by the branding obstacles facing them. Helping young entrepreneurs, moms, families, athletes, artists, seasoned business owners who are completely overwhelmed with the demanding changes of a rapidly growing market... it's about connecting with people!

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Milton Photography


To say I’m excited is an understatement! Thank you Wight House Creative for bringing this vision to life and for a brand that feels truly like me, my passion and my history.
— Dyan


What Others Have to Say

I can’t thank you enough, Jonnathan! Having a website has always been a dream of mine, but I wanted to pay for it on my own and create something I wanted... not what someone else wanted for me and you helped me accomplish that! Thank you... thank you...thank you!
— Brooke Erickson
It’s difficult to put in words how pleased I am with Heidi and Jonnathan of Wight House Creative and the fantastic work they have accomplished in building the website for Fresh Faces by Frances. As an esthetician , working in the beauty business, I am particularly concerned with how things should look! Heidi and Jonnathan have combined beauty , information and function in what I regard as a masterpiece of a website! My website building journey did not have a favorable beginning. I should have listened to my daughter; she suggested Wight House Creative as an option and I mistakenly choose another company. Should I have listened I would have saved a lot of time , money and even my sanity. The clean, strong, gender neutral logo and theme really are pleasing and inviting to visitors on the site and as my product brand. Don’t hesitate to hire Heidi and Jonnathan. They are not only competent and honest, but they simply know their stuff.
— Sincerely, Frances
Now that I have come down off my euphoric excitement, I wanted to tell you: thank I told you when we met, I started to get discouraged after doing some preliminary ‘market analysis’ and realized there were already local businesses offering similar services. It is so hard and so scary to finally pursue your true passion instead of the safe alternative (for me, teaching) and even easier for self-doubt to creep in. You helped to bolster my confidence and your open and honest answers to my questions as well as your genuine conversation further proved you to be an authentic person, full of integrity. Essentially, I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you taking that time out of your already busy schedule. Being someone that struggles with boundaries myself, I know that you had nothing to gain by our meeting and instead chose to invest your time and experience in me. Again, thank you so much for saying yes to that meeting and helping me say yes to pursuing my dream.
— Sincerest Thanks, Summer
I honestly couldn’t have made a better decision!!! Absolutely believe that this has been the driving force behind the success of my business!! Well that and some killer makeup skills! I can’t thank you guys enough for nailing my branding to a tee!!!
— Lindsey, Behrens Artistry