Why Have a Custom Designed Business Card vs. Generic?

I'm so incredibly proud of my sister who recently stepped out into the world of "stay-at-home-mom" enters "self-employment"... aka one serious juggling act! With a Masters in Elementary Education, Kelli is an incredible teacher and so passionate about helping others. Since having her second child and moving around all over the U.S. for her hubby's exciting career, figuring out what she wanted to do that was something more than being a stay-at-home mom has been a challenging and soul searching journey. YIKES, I realize I just entered into one heated topic! No, I'm not making a statement that being a stay-at-home parent is not fulfilling or enough etc, but that for some parents, mom or dad, that sometimes a "career" or something else is needed. Part of her challenge was finding ways to connect with other people, especially with having moving every couple of years she found herself frustrated with how to connect with friends and create roots and what that meant for her. It reminds me of friends of mine that are military families. 

Her venture began with her and her husband trying Advocare out for a lifestyle change and WOW, was it ever a change! Her passion for helping others and teaching started burning again and she was ready to take a step further. Now, Kelli helps coach clients for both Advocare and DoTerra - two products that she stands behind and LOVES sharing with others. Her business grew from passion, not with the mind set of "I'm going to run a business", but instead her desire to teach and help.

So, how do you navigate passion and business? How do you differentiate between business and a hobby!? Today let's keep it simple! Let's talk custom designed business cards vs generic.

Kelli was just about to hop online and order generic business cards before I stopped that train! What does a generic business card say about your business:

  1. "Hey, I've seen that card before!" lots of people opt the cheapest route and go generic. They think it's good enough and serves the purpose and was cheap. Sure, it does that...but, it also DOESN'T set you apart from others. Why pick your business from the competition? You seem no different, better or worse.
  2. Custom, says "I'm Legit". Mindful design shows that you take yourself and your business seriously, which translates that you take your clients' care serious. 
  3. Aesthetic. We are bombarded with images! Especially, upcoming generations. With the ability of mobile platforms, customers have access to information easily! Your business card needs to stand out, other wise it gets tossed out.
  4. Some "generic" options that designers have put together are a great route to go! What does this mean? Instead of overly stock art heavy business cards, designers will do some quality mock up designs that will easily allow them to enter in your custom information. Just keep in mind, that others will have access to the same design, (but a budget friendly approach)

We get that budget is always something to be conscious of. Shoot us an email and let us know about your business! We'd love to help and it doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg! Keep in mind that once we design a business card for you, you get those print files! You will then have the design and can order as needed. Easy peasy! We'll even give you recommendations on where to order prints - and affordable!